INNER BEAUTY Part 2 with Kristen Dalton Wolfe

We sat down with Kristen Dalton Wolfe a few months back, and we had an intimate, honest interview with her. During this interview she opens up about some of her struggles, including depression. We loved her raw, stripped-down honesty and courage to step out and speak out about things that have impacted her life in big ways. We mostly loved hearing about what helps her through those difficult moments. She packs a full schedule as the Creator of She is More, author of Rise Up series, speaker, host, model and most of you know her as former Miss USA. Not to mention, she recently announced her becoming a soon-to-be Mommy. We are all so excited for her growing family! 

We pray and hope someone out there needed to hear this message, and it served a purpose! Share with someone that may need to hear this. We do all this as a way of giving back to our community in hope of encouragement, and to also share with everyone that deep down inside, underneath all the makeup, we are all no different.  We really hope you enjoy watching and we would love to here your comments and feedback. Don't forget to share this with someone you who represents inner beauty. Love & Blessings, Gina Caraballo /Founder