THE BEACHY WAVE (aka Rocker Beach Wave) Hair Style by Jamie Leonard

Here's a little Hair Inspiration created from my dear friend and L.A -based Celebrity Hair Stylist- Jamie Leonard! We created this video while getting Brittany Martinez ready for her Interview with us. (coming soon)

I love when I get the opportunity to work with Jamie on photo shoots and T.V for Makeup (me) and Hair (Jamie). She's a Santa Cruz boho-babe- native and her laid-back, calm, effrotless approach to work and life reflects that while making you want to be around her all day! Her great sense of style with vintage pieces she hand selects and wears ( and also sells) is refreshing and brings such a care-free, vibe to L.A. 
She humbly KILLS it at her job with her gifted styling skills and I would say my favoirte stlyle she gives is the L.A. famous; THE BEACHY WAVE! ( she also sometimes calls it THE ROCKER BEACH WAVE)
I think our work style and approach is similiar when it comes to an effortless and never over-doing it look. To me, this speaks highly about carrying the best beauty available on the inside and confindently knowing that. Having a beauty within that looks better than any listick or hairpary can ever give you! We hope you enjoy and dont forget to comment or share, we love to hear what you think. With love, Gina Caraballo/ Founder FL&B.

Here is a breakdown from Jamie:
In doing this style-
I prepped the hair with Foundation Mist by Oribe, this protects the hair while using heat and curling, I also add a small drop of Gold Lust Oil by Oribe.

I sprayed Davines Sea Salt Spray for texture.

Finally, I sprayed Super Fine Hair Spray all over by Oribe.

After I finished bending the hair with an up and down motion to create a wave ( as shown on video) I sprayed the hair on the bottom half ends only using a downward motion with Texture Spray by Oribe.

I used a 1 1/2 inch Curling Iron to go back and create  more wave and texture while "touching up" any peices needing more movement. 

Finally, I shake out hair with comb or fingers to create the ultimate beach waves or as I also like to call- a ROCKER BEACH WAVE. 

Thanks for watching!
Jamie Leonard
Owner @blossomatelier Vintage Stylist & Personal Shopper
Hair & Makeup Artist. 

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