Beauty Hacks

Sometimes we are such in a hurry that we tend to forget a few things. Here are some beauty hacks that are easy and fast that will help you get through your busy days.


"Are You Even Wearing Makeup?"

That’s a response you probably want to hear. Here’s a natural makeup beauty hack tip from Gina, the founder.

1. Before you start putting on make up, mist the the beauty blender with Hydroglow Beauty Mister.

2. Then dip it into the foundation. It helps the foundation looks more natural and not as cakey.

3. Apply all around the face and there you are done! This tip leaves you with you skin looking makeup less. 


Keep Your Skin Hydrated Through Your Sleep

Living in a dry weather area/low humidity has caused my skin to be dehydrated sometimes. I use a humidifier in my room at night when I want that extra glow or after I traveled on a plane. I simply like using good ole H2O in it steaming up my room. I usually place it next to my bed somewhere giving me that extra hydrated skin while I am sleeping.  It's like a mini hydrating facial mist while you sleep!


Wide Awake Eyes in Seconds

A white eyeliner is a deal maker when it comes to making the eyes come alive. A lot of times, we don't focus on inner rim as much as the outer part of the eyes. However, this little beauty hack can change your look in seconds. Before you start your eye makeup, use a white eyeliner on your inner rims. You will see that your eyes will pop more and look well-rested.

That Glow Though


Keep your skin hydrated with the Hydroglow beauty mister!

Why you should bring the hydroglow beauty mister everywhere you go.
1.  Whether the summer weather is dry or humid, it can definitely affect your skin in a bad way.  Bring the hydroglow mister and spray away because it can help you cool down and leaving your skin glowing.
2. The hot weather can irritated our mood sometimes, so spray for a fresh feeling. The rose gernanium and petals in the beauty water can help you boost your mood too.

3. Last but not least, the hydroglow  beauty mister can help keep your makeup glowing all day. You can use it as a makeup primer or setter


Beauty food for the summer! (KAH-LUE-ME) is an amalgamation
of the Greek word “kalon” which means ideal
physical and moral beauty and the
word “lumi” which means light.

I had the chance to meet with Chrissy and Jayla, Founders of Kalumi Health recently and have been snacking on there beauty food collagen protein bars. They keep my satisfied until my next meal and are packed with good-for-you and good-for-your-skin foods. They were pregnancy approved fro my Dr. so that got me even more excited. This makes it on my Summer Glow list, especially for all you traveling this Season, or simply always on the go. Check out what Kalumi Health is all about...

Combining marine collagen with our favorite beauty-boosting super foods, like yacon syrup and vitamin rich sweet potaoes, KALUMI BEAUTYfood was born. The result? Hydrated skin, longer nails, thicker hair, happy tummies and a nutritious, really delicious, protein bar.
 All of Kalumi's ingredients are gluten free, non-GMO, non-dairy, soy free and fake free. We pride ourselves on giving you clean, nutrient rich and above all, great tasting snacks.

MARINE COLLAGEN, extracted from fish skin and scales, is recognized as the safest source of collagen. It is free of all possible toxins and diseases linked to collagen derived from land animals.
Marine collagen is absorbed 1.5 x faster than other sources of collagen, which means it has superb bioavailability. Because of this, it is considered the best type of collagen for your hair, skin and nails.


Let's not forget about that hair glow!


I have been using Captain Blankenship's Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray on some of my phostoshoots lately and I have been loving everything about it! Especially that it doesn't leave the hair to "crunchy" with a soft feel. Its blend of organic sea algae and aloe vera to help nourish the scalp and hair with vital nutrients and minerals while Atlantic sea salt adds texture and soft waves. Spray on hair liberally and shimmer away in the summer sunshine!

You can add texture, waves and a touch of golden shimmer by spraying all over hair when wet or dry, then tousle and style. Shake well before use.



Social Media Cleanse

You are way cooler than your Social Media feed. Way cooler. And far more beautiful without those filters. Don’t compare your behind the scenes, and unpostable moments to someone else’s highlight reels. Comparison can truly be a thief of joy! Being present over perfect has been my go-to lately. Reminding myself that I don’t have to be perfect, just present while doing my best. Have you read that book? #presentoverperfect I recommend it highly!

Did you know...

The word POEMA inspired me for my new beauty brand, POEMA ROSE COLLECTION.

POEMA is a Greek inspired word for Masterpiece, also where we get the word “poem” from. God made us an original work of art. We have no duplicates. I can never be like anyone else, and no one can ever be me! We are created on purpose for a purpose. We are beautifully, wonderfully and fearfully made. The world needs what we’ve got! May we be bold, beautiful and kind to one another along this journey.

Inner Beauty with Brittany Gonzales- Part 1

We got the chance to sit down with TV Host Brittany Gonzales and talk about what it means to do beauty differently. She shares beauty-tips and beauty foods that help give her skin a radiant glow, from the inside-out. We have real-life conversations to show the world that deep down, beneath the layers, we are all the same.  Do you know anyone who may need some encouragement today? Don't forget to like, comment or share with someone who radiates beauty from the inside and out. Thanks for watching!

Part 2 coming soon! Let us know what you love and please share with anyone you know that radiates beauty from the inside-out and may to hear these words of encouragement today.