Beauty Hacks

Sometimes we are such in a hurry that we tend to forget a few things. Here are some beauty hacks that are easy and fast that will help you get through your busy days.


"Are You Even Wearing Makeup?"

That’s a response you probably want to hear. Here’s a natural makeup beauty hack tip from Gina, the founder.

1. Before you start putting on make up, mist the the beauty blender with Hydroglow Beauty Mister.

2. Then dip it into the foundation. It helps the foundation looks more natural and not as cakey.

3. Apply all around the face and there you are done! This tip leaves you with you skin looking makeup less. 


Keep Your Skin Hydrated Through Your Sleep

Living in a dry weather area/low humidity has caused my skin to be dehydrated sometimes. I use a humidifier in my room at night when I want that extra glow or after I traveled on a plane. I simply like using good ole H2O in it steaming up my room. I usually place it next to my bed somewhere giving me that extra hydrated skin while I am sleeping.  It's like a mini hydrating facial mist while you sleep!


Wide Awake Eyes in Seconds

A white eyeliner is a deal maker when it comes to making the eyes come alive. A lot of times, we don't focus on inner rim as much as the outer part of the eyes. However, this little beauty hack can change your look in seconds. Before you start your eye makeup, use a white eyeliner on your inner rims. You will see that your eyes will pop more and look well-rested.



I was so excited to invite Melissa to our FL&B photo shoot for our #THISISMYBEAUTY hashtag Campaigne a few months ago. I've been following her for awhile and loved her "real-ness". If your'e not follwing her now, check our her page, especially her Vlog and InstaStories @melissalingram for good laughs and some honest stories. Speaking of " honest" one my favorite photo shoot campaignes she was on, in which some of you may recognize her from was Jessica Alba's line "The Honest Company" check out these beauties ...

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Beauty. UNDONE with Brittany Gonzales

We are taking you behind-the- scenes with Brittany Gonzales while we get her Makeup ready for the camera. She really didn't need much, I mean have you seen this natural beauty? Her heart radiates beauty, the type of beauty you can't attain even with a million makeup products. I simply enhanced her existing raw beauty. This is TRUE Beauty to me. I hope you see this in you, because its there. Seek it, uncover it, and let it radiate from the inside-out!

This Beauty-UNDONE look was all under 10 minutes. No harsh contouring, no heavy layers, no chemical-filled makeup. We focused on using organic, good-for-you beauty products leaving her radiant, natural, nourished and UNDONE. Watch this simple, back-to-basics, effortless makeup application video her to get the look. Let us know what you think and don't forget to like and subscribe.

"She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her"  PROV 3:15

I hope someone needed to hear this today, I know I did. Love + Blessings, Gina  xo